Introduction of LPG Cylinders:

BNH Gas Tanks is a leading manufacturer of cheap LPG cylinder in India due to its uncompromising commitment to quality it has earned good reputation in the gas industry. The installed capacity of BNH is 1,000,000 cylinders per annum. We have been manufacturing LPG cylinders for quite long time and have very good experience in this field, with our team of qualified engineers and latest technology we produce good quality Cylinder with capacity range from 3 liters to 108.5 liters

We also manufacture other higher capacity LPG cylinders like 250kg , 440kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg etc for use in hotels , restaurants, residences, eateries and other small consumption areas.

We manufacture standard and custom designed steel LPG cylinders. We are fully committed to providing cylinders that offer the ultimate in quality, safety and performance globally. Our team works closely with the customers on new products and applications. Ideas, technology and expertise are exchanged. This enables us to serve our clients better and meet new challenges. We undertake complete design, manufacturing, testing of LPG cylinders confirming to any international standards like, BS, DOT, ISO, KS, AS, TIS, NF, PNS, BIS etc and also as per customers specific requirements.

LPG Cylinder manufacturing process:

The process of manufacturing LPG cylinders involves the following process like :
1) Procurement of steel for LPG cylinders
2) Blanking
3) Deep drawing of cylinder cups
4) Bevelling
5) Set up of both cups and welding by automatic process
6) Welding of nozzle
7) Welding of top and bottom foot ring
8) Heat treatment of cylinder in furnace
9) Hydrotesting of cylinder
10) Internal cleaning and external Shot blasting
11) Painting and drying in paint booth
12) Fixing of valves
13) Pneumatic testing
14) Marking and packing

Retesting and Recertification of LPG Cylinder

Cylinders need to be re-approved every 5 or 10 years from the date of manufacture or date of re-testing as per local regulations. The date is stamped on the cylinder collars and shows the month and year. For example, 10. 1998 would indicate the cylinder was manufactured in October 1998.
Out-of-test-date cylinders must not be filled until tested and re-stamped by a certified gas cylinder test station.

LPG is safe to handle?

Cylinders are filled to a level which will provide a remaining vapour space, adequate to facilitate the thermal expansion of the liquid when subject to a temperature increase.
Each time a cylinder is filled, it must be have a soapy water leak check by the fill operator in accordance with the standard operating procedure for decant filling.
There is no danger with transporting small volume LPG cylinders that are appropriately restrained and correctly filled. However, like all other fuels, LPG should be treated with care.

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas = propane & butane) has the advantage of clean burning, high heating value and the fact that it can be kept liquid (i.e. at a very low volume when compared to the volume of the gas) by holding it slightly pressurerized. There are many designs and sizes of such pressure tanks from the oneway lighter to LPG tankers.

LPG cylinder is sandblasted and finished with electrostatic painting.


BNH are  manufactures all types of Pressure Regulators with all sizes  for use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas. 
Regulators are manufactured as per different Standards with reference to different designs and testing standards.


We also manufacture other Gas appliances
LPG Burners,
Cooker Rings,
Heat Shields,
Cylinder Guards etc.
LPG lamps and lanterns

BNH Gas Tanks follows following steps in manufacturing of lpg cylinders:-

1) Quality Control Plan: - All raw materials like metal sheets, fluxes, welding wires, paint and semi finished products like valve guards, foot-rings, valves are accepted to production area after the control which is realized according to related Incoming Material Quality Control Plan. arranges its facilities and procedures to not allow any raw material or semi finished product that is not accepted by Income Quality Control Department.

2) Operation with Capacity: - Cylinders depending on their capacities are manufactured from two or three pieces. During the production of two pieces cylinder, two halves are produced with deep drawing process by hydraulic presses. After skirts are cut, trimmed and joggle-joint formed, halves also valve guards and foot-rings are routed into washing unit where they are pickled with chemicals then washed and dried to prevent the harmful contaminated that may be caused by press operation.

3) Welding And Monitoring:- After the cleaning of parts, valve boss, valve guards and foot-rings are welded in the automatic gas shielded arc welding process (MAG). Fitted drawn halves are welded by a single pass circumferential welded lap in the automatic submerged welding machines to obtain sound weld with deep penetration. All welding operations are performed according to welding procedures by certificated welders. Additionally, all welding parameters are simultaneously followed by engineers from the monitors and recorded into computers.

4) Process: - High capacity cylinders are fabricated from three pieces. Such a cylinder consists of cylindrical shell rolled and butt welded in automatic submerged metal arc process longitudinally and two deep drawn heads skirts cut, trimmed and joggle-joint formed are connected to the shell circumferentially by automatic submerged arc welding process.

Other types of cylinders manufactured by us:

  1. LPG Cylinder
  2. Ammonia cylinder
  3. CNG cylinder
  4. Chlorine cylinder
  5. Refrigerant cylinders
  6. Nitrous oxide cylinder
  7. Carbon do oxide cylinders
  8. Oxygen cylinder
  9. Nitrogen cylinder
  10. Helium cylinders
  11. Argon cylinders
  12. Acetylene cylinders
  13. Propane cylinders
  14. R404a cylinders
  15. Hydrogen cylinders

All other types of cylinders



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